Security Operations Center

Keeping your business secure around the clock.

Our team of experts can help secure your business 24/7. We provide fast response to help prevent loss, theft, and downtime.

Network Security

Is your network secure against cyber threats?

EK3 Technologies 24/7 Managed Security Operations Center helps your business combat the daunting volume of cyber-attacks helping you and other SMB owners avoid becoming the next victim.

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are well-funded and highly skilled. They evaded security defenses and infiltrated over 76% of SMBs (small-medium businesses) throughout North America in 2019. Despite the investment of anti-virus and firewall prevention solutions, adversaries continuously demonstrate that yesterday’s security stack is no match for today’s attack tactics and techniques.


SIEMLess Log Monitoring

Maintain detailed and accurate event logs without the need for a Security Information Event Management (SIEM) system.


Threat Intelligence & Hunting

Identify previously unknown threats in your network and monitor ongoing threats that have yet to be remediated.


Breach Detection

Minimize the damage of a breach by identifying any active threats and attackers already operating inside your network.


Intrusion Monitoring

Monitor all traffic within your network to find known threats, suspicious or malicious activity, and policy violations.

Malware Infrection

NextGen Malware

Combat advanced types of malware designed to evade detection and bypass traditional security measures.

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