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Are you prepared for these cyber threats?

On any given day workday, statistics show that users unknowingly download malware every 81 seconds. They access malicious websites every 5 minutes and cyber criminals release 1 million new forms of malware.. These all add up to a significant likelihood your network will be breached.  Many business owners assume they are not large enough to be a target of cyber crime, or that their ISP is blocking this traffic to their network.  As a business owner you may be required to protect your customers data by law.

Malware Infection

Malware refers to software programs that are intentionally designed to be malicious. Over the past few years malware has morphed into tools that are developed and used by a wide range of professional cyber criminals, such as organized crime rings or agents sponsored by nation states. Malware is used against government, corporate and individuals to gather guarded information or to disrupt their operation.

Zero Day

Cyber threats are continuing to evolve. Hackers are finding new ways to hide malware inside emailed documents, on websites as “drive by” exploits or in downloadable content. Many attacks begin by exploiting known vulnerabilities and modifying malware to have unrecognizable signatures to evade traditional security measures. By creating these new, unknown variants, hackers aim to avoid detection by signature-based security solutions, to breach the network and steal critical information.

Browser Exploit

Exploit is usually the first step in an attack that takes advantage of a particular vulnerability in a computing system. The Exploit technique works in a way that the end user can be exploited just by browsing to a legitimate website without downloading anything.

Identity Theft

Cyber criminals primarily use phishing sites to gather sensitive information. They use this information either to directly impact the individual connecting to the site, such as bank customers, or to conduct follow-up attacks, for example gathering administrator credentials.

Command And Control

A bot is malicious software that allows cyber-criminals to remotely control computers and execute illegal activities such as stealing data, spreading spam and distributing malware. The final phase of malware-based attacks is the use of command and control sites for remote administration of the malware.

Anonymizer Usage

The use of anonymizers has many security implications. It shows that users are hiding their online activity. Anonymizers also indicate potential coordinated campaign activity. Attackers often coordinate their efforts through encrypted communications channels. Further, instructions for the use and purchase of attack tools are often only available on marketplaces within the Dark Web. These sites can only be accessed with anonymizers.

Data Leakage

Data leakage happens when users transfer classified or sensitive information outside the corporate network purposely or by mistake. In contrast, exfiltration is the deliberate extraction of sensitive data by external parties. Both are dangerous and can lead to the loss of customer and company sensitive information such as financial data and credit card data. These risks are often the final phase of a security breach. Data leakage and exfiltration can also violate regulations and industry guidelines such as PCI DSS.


Of organizations have suffered phishing attacks


Of organizations experienced data loss


New phishing Websites added every day


Of SMB’s go out of business because of large data loss

Avoiding attacks like these require a multiple layered protection approach!

As a managed service provider EK3 has partnered with the world leaders in data protection to offer our customers the best in data protection.    Our approach includes:

  • Threat Emulation
  • Endpoint Protection
  • URL Filtering
  • Identity Awareness
  • Email Archiving and Protection
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud to Cloud Backup
  • Intrusion Prevention

Let us show you how to protect your company from data loss


As a master agent partner EK3 Technologies represents multiple communications and internet service providers.   This allows us to shop for services your business need to succeed, and bring to you the best solutions and pricing available in the market.

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